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How To Court A Scorpio

Don't even think of wooing a Scorpio unless your life has some kind of strong mission or purpose attached to it. Scorpios like individuals that seem attached to a cause. They find people with drive, ambition and determination to be very sexy. If you don't have strong opinions start developing them as a Scorpio will love you for them even if he or she disagrees with you.

Contrary to popular belief most Scorpios would rather have a cause or a mission as a rival rather than another person. Still it is hard to deny their reputation for becoming the third party in love triangles. Perhaps this is because if a Scorpio does not want something that nobody else wants. However they cannot help but covet what others have.

For instance, a Scorpio woman will always want a man if she thinks other women want him too. The man can be ugly as sin, broke and a criminal but if she thinks he is wanted by others she will go for it. The same type of principle applies to the Scorpio man. You can be barefoot, pregnant and have two cents to your name but if the Scorpio male thinks that you are an alpha female he will go for it.

Therefore if you want to appear attractive to a Scorpio it is a really good idea to make yourself appear sought after romantically by others. It is also a good idea not to make yourself available immediately. They really respond to such techniques as not returning their phone calls immediately or making vague mentions about how you might be dating someone else. The vaguer you are about what goes on in your life, the more dazzled by you they will be as this allows their prodigious erotic imaginations to focus on you and work overtime.

Individuals who change the rules of the game in the middle of a courtship also fascinate Scorpios. For instance if you have been dating a Scorpio for six weeks and she or he is relatively secure in the fact that he or she is the only one, you can captivate his or her heart's forever by pretending to have a second option waiting in the wings. Pretending to dally with an ex or flirting with another person at a party also really turns a Scorpio on because they connect feeling of jealousy and possessiveness with desire. The idea is to give them something to be periodically jealous of so that they don't get jaded and contemptuous.

Scorpios are also fond of role-playing and are a bit on the kinky side. Take a Scorpio to a costume party or a fetish ball to really excite them. They also like anything to do with the occult, history or anthropology. Things of a mysterious nature also thrill them so be sure to take them to movies that feature themes to do with science fiction or horror.

If you want to keep your relationship with a Scorpio alive then it is a nice idea to plan an evening where the two of you do something like go to the same party and pretend to flirt with other people all night. As long as it is done in the name of having wild sex with Scorpio later, it drives them wild.

They are also great observers of human nature. Books and movies to do with psychiatry, serial killers or unusual human behavior also interest them. They also identify with rituals, such as tattooing. In fact taking a Scorpio to a parlor for a tattooing or piercing is not a bad idea for a gift.

Scorpios are surprising homebodies with the only difference between them and more domestic signs such as Taurus or Libra being that their taste in decor is a bit theatrical. A dramatic piece of sculpture or conversation piece is a great gift for a Scorpio as well.

Scorpios also like to be the undisputed champion in their careers and they will be very drawn to a person who sees them as being the best in their field. Even if your Scorpio amour is not the best at what he or she does you would at least pretend like it is unfair that he or she is not at the top of the heap.

It is also important not to outshine the master. If you are going to be with one of these supreme beings keep in mind that it is a sin to expound upon a subject that they consider themselves to be master of.

The worst thing you can do to a Scorpio is sit them down and ask them a lot of questions. They do not like to be pigeon-holed or categorized whether it be by you or a psychoanalyst. They get off on the idea that they cannot be defined. On the other end they can be merciless interrogators when it comes to finding out about you and if they do find a weakness they may play with it to test your sanity. The thing to do is reveal as little about yourself as possible as that can drive the Scorpio crazy with desire.

Whatever you do, do not compare the Scorpio to an ex or he or she may become displeased and vengeful. They must be the undisputed champion of everything and that includes being the undisputed champion of your heart.

One thing about a Scorpio is that if you do get on his or her wrong side you will be subjected to such extreme Scorpio behavior as being frozen out completely. Negation is one of the specialties of the spurned Scorpio.

You can also get off on the wrong foot with a Scorpio by giving them too many compliments too soon or showering them with gifts. They interpret that as manipulation rather than genuine interest. In fact, if you appear too slavishly devoted or syrupy to a Scorpio in any way then he or she may develop an early contempt to you. You could be frozen out immediately or humiliated in public in some way by the Scorpio flirting with someone else and then taking him or her home.

Even though they are a status conscious sign they are more touched by a hand made gift as that has more meaning. If they feel that somehow you are giving them a piece of your soul then they are very happy. A hand-made card, clay sculpture or doctored photo would be a good gift for a Scorpio. They are the type that treasures this type of thing for years, especially if it is slightly artistic in nature.

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